Nutralife NZ Green Lipped Mussel 5600


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Nutralife NZ Green Lipped Mussel 5600 is a high strength joint formula containing scientifically researched green lipped mussel extract. Two capsules per day are enough to bring joint support in terms of cushion, movement and lubrication. This supplement also offers increased nutritional value for aiding tissue and cartilage healing.Nutralife NZ Green Lipped Mussel 5600 harnesses fresh and pure mussels from New Zealand, particularly in the Coromandel region. The high quality mussels are naturally sustainable and harvested from fresh marine waters. The supplement undergoes cold extraction using Biolane technique for preservation of the ingredients assisting in joint health.

Nutralife NZ Green Lipped Mussel 5600 benefits and Features:

  • Maintenance of healthy joint and cartilage
  • Assists in repair of cartilages
  • Delivers nourishment to joints
  • Supports mobility, cushioning and lubrication of joints

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