Lifestream Cleanse Kit (Original)


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Detoxification is a natural, daily cleansing process, used by our body everyday to remove these toxins. Toxins or waste products that are not removed are stored in the body. The body's natural ability to detoxify itself properly is dependant on functioning at an optimum level.

By middle age people often have between 1 and 7 kilograms of undigested fecal matter stuck in their colon, and that is after a bowel motion...

The natural superfoods in Lifestream Cleanse support the bodies own internal recycling and removing process. Lifestream Cleanse naturally purifies, nourishes and cleans out your insides. It helps to gently remove waste material, heavy metals and environmental toxins that may be stored in fat deposits in the body.

Lifestream Cleanse, alongside a fresh, healthy and balanced diet, works by supporting the optimum health of various body organs such as the liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidney and bowels.


Step A

Aloe vera juice; take 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, first thing at night (best on an empty stomach)

Step B

Bowel Biotics+ powder; take 2 teaspoons mixed well into a large glass of water, away from meals

Step C

Chlorella mini-tablets; take 5 with breakfast and 5 with lunch. This can be increased to 10 with each meal if desired.


    Lifestream Cleanse is not meant to prevent, mitigate, diagnose or cure any disease condition. As with anything taken by mouth, diabetics should monitor their blood sugar levels when using aloe vera as medication may require adjusting. If symptoms persist, or if you are under specialist medical supervision, please seek the advice of your healthcare professional. We recommend Lifestream Cleanse to support and stimulate the body's own natural healing mechanism and we recommend it to be part of, and not a replacement for, a healthy and balanced diet. Variety is after all, the spice of life! Take as directed.


Each 1mL Contains:
  • Aloe barbadensis inner gel juice 997mg

Also contains:

  • Citric acid anhydrous
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate (essential to stabilise the nutritionally active compounds)
  • Lifestream Bowel Biotics Powder
  • Psyllium Husks (69%)
  • Inulin Probiotics (30%)
  • Probiotic cultures (lactobacillus plantarium, Lactobacillius rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgaaricus, Lactobacillius acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum).
  • 100% natural. No Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sorbitol, sugar, phytate, preservative, artifical flavours or colours, wheat, gluten or GM ingredients.
  • Lifestream Chlorella 200mg mini-tablets
  • Each tablet contains 200mg pure Outdoor Grown Chlorella.
  • Lifestream guarantee no synthetic binders, fillers or additives.

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