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  • Blackmores Men's Performance Multi

    $22.20 $51.80

    Blackmores Men's Performance Multi is a specially developed multivitamin formula that combines important nutritional and herbal ingredients to support men's health, wellbeing and performance. The B-group vitamins play an essential...
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  • Clinicians MultiVitamin and Boost

    $20.90 $58.90

    Clinicians Multi Vitamin and Mineral Boost is a unique formulation containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cofactors. It has been specially formulated to address the nutritional requirements of all New...
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  • Clinicians Peak Performance Women's Multi

    $21.20 $29.90

    Clinicians peak performance womens multi is useful to provide essential nutrients for women of all ages. The high strength B group vitamins provide support for energy levels and stress.The added...
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  • GO Healthy Multi Teen Everyday


    GO Multi Teen Everyday helps fill in the gaps often seen in teenage diets, while also taking into account the daily stress and busy lifestyles that teenagers lead. Supports healthy...
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  • GO Healthy Multi-Everyday


    GO Multi Everyday is a high potency all in one multi vitamin and mineral supplement designed for both men and women. It helps to support energy levels and maintain general...
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  • Good Health Men's Care

    $16.90 $33.50

    Good Health Menís Care is a comprehensive, high potency multi vitamin and mineral formula providing essential nutrients for daily health and wellbeing. Key Benefits: Comprehensive high potency formula High dose...
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  • Lifestream Multi Advanced

    $31.90 $59.90

    Lifestream Nature's Multi Advanced is a high performance all natural alternative for health conscious people who want to give their body a complete blend of highly concentrated food designed for...
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  • Nature's Sunshine Super Supplemental

    $42.60 $49.80

    Super Supplemental Vitamin and Minerals is a complete formula, providing 26 important vitamin and minerals in a base of herbs, vegetable powders and phytonutrients. This special blend of added nutrients...
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  • Nutralife Mens Multi Complete

    $27.90 $32.90

    Nutra-Life†Men's Multi Complete is a comprehensive multivitamin, multimineral and multiherbal supplement formulated with essential nutrients and antioxidants to help meet the needs of a man's daily lifestyle.Formulated with Vitamin D3...
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  • Nutralife Womens Multi Complete

    $21.60 $32.90

    Nutra-Life Women's Multi Complete provides a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement to help support everyday health and vitality.†Women's Multi Complete†is formulated with Red Clover Isoflavones to support hormonal health as...
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  • Thompson's Immunofort

    $31.50 $64.90

    Contains vitamins, including A, C, B, E that promotes healthy immune function. Contains minerals, including zinc and selenium that promotes healthy immune function. Contains herbs, including Echinacea, Andrographis, Olive Leaf,...
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  • Thompson's Junior Immunofort

    $19.90 $40.00

    Vitamins Minerals Superfoods Antioxidants Nutrients Convenient one-a-day dose. Great tasting chewable tablet Low allergy formula. Delicious taste using only natural sweetener. Flavour derived from fruit juice concentrates. Colour from red...
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  • Thompson's Men's Multi

    $31.20 $36.90

    Helps to safeguard against nutritional deficiencies that may occur with poor diet. Assists to protect the body against cellular damage by free radicals which are generated from exposure to pollutants...
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We are a family business offering a huge range of competitively priced nutritional, natural and organic wellbeing products sourced from leading local and international producers. We deliver througout NZ and worldwide.

Nutricare was founded by New Zealand Pharmacist Mike Poland in 2009. The idea came about after more than 35 years' experience working across pharmacuetical, nutritional and environmental health and it is this integrated approach towards health care that is core to Nutricare's philosophy.

The knowledege and evidence-based research undertaken by Mike throughout his experience working across these various fields of health are directly reflected in the quality and range of products and information available throughout the site.

Our mission is to make it fast, easy and affordable for you to find the best wellness, health or natural beauty solution for your needs. Go well.

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