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  • Blackmores Immuno Shield

    $29.60 $35.50

    Blackmores Immuno Shield combines botanical medicines and nutrients for the optimal support of healthy immune function.   Features and benefits:   Supports healthy immune and mucous membrane function Assists with...
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  • Blackmores Women's Vitality Multi

    $22.20 $51.80

    Blackmores Women's Vitality Multi is specifically formulated to provide support for women’s hectic lifestyles by helping to fill nutritional gaps in the diet and boost everyday energy levels. Features and benefits:...
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  • Children's Manuka Honey Elixir - Strawberry

    $24.20 $31.50

    Comvita Children's Manuka Honey Elixir supports immune defences during winter, and has a soothing action on throats . It combines natural Manuka Honey, Bee Propolis and Echinacea, in an alcohol-free...
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  • Clinicians MultiVitamin and Boost

    $20.90 $58.90

    Clinicians Multi Vitamin and Mineral Boost is a unique formulation containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cofactors. It has been specially formulated to address the nutritional requirements of all New...
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  • Clinicians Super Family C 2000

    $22.90 $31.90

    Super Family C2000 provides 24 hour Vitamin C activity to support everyday health, immunity & circulation. Scientifically formulated with esterified Vitamin C in combination with citrus bioflavonoids for enhanced activity in...
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  • Comvita Children's Olive Leaf Extract 200ml

    $18.70 $24.60

    Comvita Children’s Olive Leaf Complex is made from fresh olive leaves, grown and packed on our own olive estate. Our unique extraction system provides the combination of 12 key naturally occurring...
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  • Go Healthy Cholesterol Shield


    GO Cholesterol Shield has been designed specifically for those that need to manage their cholesterol levels. If you have a family history of cholesterol or heart health issues then GO...
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  • GO Healthy Iron for Women

    $12.20 $20.90

    GO Iron For Women - Iron deficiency is most common in women, especially during the menstrual cycle. GO Iron for Women assists with mentrual support and mental clarity and the...
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  • Go Healthy Lecithin 1200mg


    GO Lecithin 1,200 - enables the break down of fats and cholesterol, keeping these substances in the bloodstream rather than accumulating on artery walls. Dose: Adults: Take 1-3 SoftGel Caps...
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  • GO Healthy Multi-Everyday


    GO Multi Everyday is a high potency all in one multi vitamin and mineral supplement designed for both men and women. It helps to support energy levels and maintain general...
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  • GO Healthy Prostate Protect

    $21.30 $54.90

    GO Prostate Protect - Supports prostate function and healthy urine flow. Dose: Adults:Take 1 VegeCap daily. Can be taken anytime, with food or on an empty stomach Ingredients: Damiana (320mg)...
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  • GO Healthy Vir Defence


    GO Vir-Defence supports a strong immune system and helps the body to deal with nasty bugs that occur through out the year. Dose: Take 1 VegeCap daily. You can increase...
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  • GO Healthy Zinc Complex

    $16.90 $27.90

    GO Zinc Complex - Zinc play a major role in supporting the health of the immune and reproductive systems while also maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. Dose: Adults: Take...
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  • Good Health Echimax

    $12.20 $31.90

    Good Health Echimax Chewables Immune Support are a delicious way to support your body during winter ills and chills. Combining the immune supporting nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc with the...
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  • Good Health Viralex

    $16.90 $44.90

    Viralex is a comprehensive formula designed to assist the body's defences and strengthen the immune response. Key ingredients are Olive Leaf Extract, which studies show has a direct effect on...
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  • Good Health Viralex Attack

    $16.90 $49.90

    Good Health Viralex Attack (formerly Viralex Max) is the premium, extra strength formulation of Viralex. Good Health Viralex Attack has been formulated to support the immune system against viral, bacterial,...
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  • Kiwiherb Chest Syrup

    $19.70 $41.90

    This formula contains certified organic Marshmallow root, Mullein, White Horehound and Elecampane, all traditional herbs used to help promote the health of the respiratory tract. Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup may...
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  • Kiwiherb Children's Echinacea

    $20.60 $41.90

    Please note: This product is currently out of stock until further notice.   Kiwiherb Children's Echinature is made from Bio-Gro certified organic Echinacea root. In a base of organic apple...
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  • Kiwiherb De-Stuff

    $21.40 $42.90

    Kiwiherb De-Stuff is a sinus clear formula containing Elderflower, Echinacea root, Peppermint and Ribwort. These herbs help promote clear airways, and healthy mucous membranes of the nasal passages and sinuses....
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  • Kiwiherb De-Stuff For Kids

    $20.60 $41.90

    Kiwiherb De-Stuff for Kids Promotes clear ears and noses. It is Alcohol free. It is made from certified organic Elderflower, Echinacea root and Ribwort, this formula is designed to promote...
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  • Kiwiherb Echinature Liquid


    The classic immune herb, manufactured from certified organic NZ Echinacea purpurea root. Echinacea is used by herbalists as an immune system modulator. It may be particularly useful to help support...
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  • Kiwiherb Herbal Throat Spray

    $18.70 $23.90

    High potency certified organic throat spray containing Propolis, Kawakawa, Thyme and Echinacea root, in a base of active Manuka Honey. With this convenient pack size Herbal Throat Spray is easy...
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  • Kiwiherb Kid's Calm

    $20.60 $41.90

    Kiwiherb’s alcohol free Kid’s Calm is a 100% natural herbal formula designed to help soothe and calm children, and aid normal digestion. Made from certified organic Chamomile that has been...
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  • Nutralife Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavanoids

    $16.90 $71.90

    Nutra-Life Ester-C + Bioflavanoids†is a highly bioavailable and highly absorbable†form of Vitamin C. Patented and scientifically supported,†Ester C is†extremely effective, non-acidic (pH7), and gentle on the stomach.†Nutra-Life Ester-C contains metabolites,...
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Our Story

We are a family business offering a huge range of competitively priced nutritional, natural and organic wellbeing products sourced from leading local and international producers. We deliver througout NZ and worldwide.

Nutricare was founded by New Zealand Pharmacist Mike Poland in 2009. The idea came about after more than 35 years' experience working across pharmacuetical, nutritional and environmental health and it is this integrated approach towards health care that is core to Nutricare's philosophy.

The knowledege and evidence-based research undertaken by Mike throughout his experience working across these various fields of health are directly reflected in the quality and range of products and information available throughout the site.

Our mission is to make it fast, easy and affordable for you to find the best wellness, health or natural beauty solution for your needs. Go well.

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