2 Superherbs that can ease headaches and cold symptoms

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The tickle in the back of the throat. The achy-breaky feeling of an upcoming headache. You might want to try the Superherbs Tumeric and Oregano

Superherbs aren’t for sprinkling on pizza (though you could), they help your body adapt and heal from the inside out. Superherbs are unique in that they naturally treat the body as a whole and not one isolated area or symptom.


Oregano for cold and flu symptoms

When you feel a cold coming on, reach for oregano. No, not the dried herb sitting in your kitchen drawer. Try oregano oil—the more potent form of the superherb. Oregano is an effective anti-parasitic, antiviral, antiseptic and immune booster. 


Turmeric for headaches and inflammation

Try Turmeric for warding off headaches. When there’s inflammationn in the body, your blood vessels constrict and you experience a lot of stress. Your body doesn’t know what to do and it needs to be soothed.  Try turmeric as it is full of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that can help your body calm down. You can take a turmeric capsule in the a.m and throw some ground turmeric into a smoothie. 

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