6 Interesting Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, (lesser known as Ascorbic Acid) is a water-soluble vitamin. It was first isolated by Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1928. Humans, different from most animals, are unable to synthesize vitamin C endogenously, so it is an all-important dietary component. All fruits and vegetables hold some vitamin C and a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables should provide sufficient levels of vitamin C. Some food sources include Oranges, Red and green peppers, Strawberries.

  1. Helps to repair and renew tissues.

Vitamin C is not only an effective immune system promoter, it is also critical for the production of connective tissue and collagen production. As a result, vitamin C is important to making skin and scar tissue. Vitamin C can also help with fixing and producing blood vessels, mending damaged capillaries on a wound. 

  1. Improves your mood.

Vitamin C is needed in producing the neurochemicals noradrenaline and serotonin, which can impact our mood. In a study of late, patients in a Hospital were supplied either vitamin C or vitamin D supplements, at random, for a few days. The patients who received vitamin C rapidly bettered their mood, but the patients who received vitamin D did not. The results were printed in a science journal.

Mood swings

  1. Prevents heart disease.

It aids hold your arteries elastic and keeps the LDL cholesterol from damage. A Danish research found that people who consume seven or more helpings of vegetables every day, for example, enjoy a 15% reduced risk of heart disease, compared to those people who have lower consumptions per day. The research also uncovered that those with the most prominent plasma vitamin C levels had remarkably cut down rates of heart disease.

  1. Helps in the absorption of Iron.

Vitamin C helps discharge a bigger percentage of iron of nonheme origins, by that means promoting your body’s power to draw in more iron from these nutrients than it would otherwise. Vitamin C also assists to get over the bad effects of the phytonutrients that suppress nonheme iron absorption.

  1. Decrease the length and symptoms of a common cold.

It is not a medicine for common cold. But research has shown Vitamin C to reduce the overall adverse effects of a common cold. It can reduce the sneezing and blocked nose greatly. Vitamin C do not protect against getting a cold.

  1. Vitamin C is a cofactor in more than eight enzymatic reactions.

Vitamin C is needed for a range of indispensable metabolic reactions in all animals and plants. This includes several collagen synthesis chemical reactions that, when dysfunctional, cause the most grievous symptoms of scurvy. In living beings, these reactions are particularly crucial in wound-healing and in keeping the capillaries from bleeding.

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The Good Green Chocolate Shake

Serves: 2

For those with chocolate cravings.


  • Banana – 2 large and ripe
  • Dates – 6 without seed
  • Choco powder – 1 Tbsp
  • Nuzest Good Green Stuff – 1 Tbsp
  • Water – ½ Cup

Blend till it is smooth enough and add one more banana if it is too runny.

Everyone loves chocolate. Well, now you can have an essential superfood serving with the taste of dark chocolate with this incredible chocolate shake. The taste and goodness of bananas and dates, combined with the benefits of Good Green stuff will provide you with a great kickstarter for the day. Dates are an excellent source of protein and bananas are an excellent source of Potassium. Both are important for being active all day.

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Nuzest Good Green Smoothie

Two green coloured smoothies on a table

Serves: 2

Refresh your body and your mind with this amazing tropical-flavored smoothie, rich with fruits and leaves.


  • Pineapple( Grated and Cut) – Half
  • Bananas – 1 and Half
  • Mango – 1
  • Spinach or Kale – 2 Cups
  • Mint Leaves – A handful
  • Coconut Water – 2 Cups
  • Nuzest Good Green Stuff – 1 Tbsp

 Blend till it is smooth enough.

If your kid (or you yourself J ) is a bit skeptical about having your veggies, this green smoothie is a great thing to get the ball rolling. The vegetables are not ruining the taste as they are sweetened with a bucketload of tropical fruit: pineapple, banana, and mango. Packed with these leafy vegetables and fruits, this smoothie contains high levels of Vitamin C and D which are essential for the skin, immune system and general metabolism.

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Why am I so tired?

If the sound of your alarm clock makes you cringe just thinking about it, you’re practically using your computer as a pillow by 4 p.m., and you feel too exhausted to make it through your workout, then you’re already familiar with the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

That feeling of why am I so tired all the time? is super frustrating, but get ready for some good news: scientists just made a huge step toward understanding the medical condition—and it stems from the gut.

For the first time, researchers have identified biological markers of chronic fatigue in gut bacteria, by studying the stool of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and patients who are #blessed enough to have normal energy levels.

One big finding: the patients with chronic fatigue syndrome had less anti-inflammatory bacteria. In other words, if you’re looking for an energy boost, it’s a good idea to eat more anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens, fatty fish (like salmon and tuna), nuts, strawberries, blueberries, and oranges—some of which have already been identified as good sleep boosters.

“Leaky gut” is another cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, according to the new data. After figuring if you do, the solution is to add more anti-inflammatory food to your diet as well as probiotics, and consuming less wheat and alcohol.

“Our work demonstrates that the gut bacterial microbiome in chronic fatigue syndrome patients isn’t normal, perhaps leading to gastrointestinal and inflammatory symptoms in victims of the disease,” says Maureen Hanson, the study’s lead researcher, who is also a professor in the department of molecular biology and genetics at Cornell University. It isn’t normal, but it is totally fixable—good news all around!

Our top 3 probiotics to help leaky gut and Chronic fatigue:

Nutralife Probiotica P3 

Nutralife Probiotic 50 Billion

Lifestream Bowel Biotics

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Heavy metal detox juice

This juice is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with Nuzest Good Green Stuff, parsley and cilantro known to bind and purge heavy metals from the body, purifying your tissues, organs and blood. They also help to improve digestion and guard against free radical damage! A recent study showed cilantro even purifies water! 

Let the cleansing begin!


1 tablespoon Nuzest Good Green Stuff

3 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
1 handful of parsley
1 handful of cilantro/coriander
1 green apple
½ fennel bulb
1 lemon, peeled


Juice all ingredients! 

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5 Benefits of Boron for Body and Bones


Boron is a vital trace mineral that is required for the normal growth and health of the body. Many dangerous conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are naturally managed by Boron, and it helps to reduce menopausal symptoms as well. It is believed that boron improves the natural ability of the human body to absorb calcium and magnesium.

Fruits like apples, oranges, red grapes, pears, plums, kiwis, sultanas, dates, as well as certain vegetables, avocado, soybeans and nuts are rich sources of boron.

5 Benefits of Boron:

Prevents Arthritis: Boron is a successful treatment option for arthritis and in more than 95% of cases, significant improvement was noticed by effectively increasing calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. With increasing age, the bones might become weak and porous and boron can stem this deterioration by ensuring that calcium levels are maximized and used effectively.

Reduces Severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Boron greatly reduces the allergenic and inflammatory conditions that are typically associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Helps in Bone Health:The bone building capacities of boron are often ignored in favor of calcium. However, boron actually works in unison with calcium to strengthen the bones. It plays a very important role in minimizing the risks of osteoporosis and arthritis. Boron also helps in the metabolism of minerals that are involved in bone development such as calcium, magnesium and copper. Furthermore, boron affects various hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which are also related to the overall health of the body’s bones.

Estrogen Production: Boron can improve the production of estrogen in menopausal women, and can bring back their sex drive within a few days of treatment. Boron increases the level of natural sex hormones in the body, thereby reducing the need for hormone replacement therapy.

Prevents Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis: Boron can ease the symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats that are typically associated with menopause, and it ensures that mineral levels remain at appropriate levels, since post-menopausal women often suffer from hormonal imbalances that can skew many of the body’s most important systems.

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2 Superherbs that can ease headaches and cold symptoms

Image result for turmeric Image result for oregano

The tickle in the back of the throat. The achy-breaky feeling of an upcoming headache. You might want to try the Superherbs Tumeric and Oregano

Superherbs aren’t for sprinkling on pizza (though you could), they help your body adapt and heal from the inside out. Superherbs are unique in that they naturally treat the body as a whole and not one isolated area or symptom.


Oregano for cold and flu symptoms

When you feel a cold coming on, reach for oregano. No, not the dried herb sitting in your kitchen drawer. Try oregano oil—the more potent form of the superherb. Oregano is an effective anti-parasitic, antiviral, antiseptic and immune booster. 


Turmeric for headaches and inflammation

Try Turmeric for warding off headaches. When there’s inflammationn in the body, your blood vessels constrict and you experience a lot of stress. Your body doesn’t know what to do and it needs to be soothed.  Try turmeric as it is full of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that can help your body calm down. You can take a turmeric capsule in the a.m and throw some ground turmeric into a smoothie. 

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3 nutrients that may help ease anxiety


Anxiety can impact your health in numerous ways, from decreased productivity at work, to weight gain, and more. Luckily, a diet rich in these nutrients can help relieve some of the stress.

Extra B vitamins

If you take individual B Vitamins, also take a good B complex supplement to help prevent imbalances among these vitamins, which work together. Specific B vitamins have been shown to be deficient in patients with agoraphobia.

In a study of people with panic disorder, OCD and depression the B vitamin inositol in amounts of up to 18 grams daily was as effective and had fewer side effects than an anti-anxiety medication. 

Vitamin B1 is important for blood sugar control and this has a major impact on anxiety. Vitamin B3 is involved in many enzymatic processes and plays a key role in serotonin synthesis. At does of 1,000 to 3,000 mg a day, it may be helpful for anxiety. Vitamin B5 is very important for the adrenals and therefore helps with modulating stress.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 are important for depression, and given the links between anxiety and depression, they may also be helpful for anxiety. They also support heart health, which is important if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, which stress the heart.

Good food sources of the B vitamins include liver, meat, turkey, whole grains, potatoes, bananas, chiles, legumes, nutritional yeast and molasses.


Magnesium is a calming mineral that nourishes the nervous system and helps prevent anxiety, fear, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. Magnesium is also very protective of the heart and arteries; again, this is important if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. 

Taking magnesium at bedtime can also help promote good sleep. Dark-green, leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale and chard, contain plenty of calming magnesium as well as good amounts of the B vitamins. Whole, unrefined grains like oats, buckwheat, millet and quinoa also contain both magnesium and B vitamins. Other food sources of magnesium include legumes, beef, chicken, fish (especially halibut, cod and salmon), nuts, seeds, bananas, watermelon, figs, potatoes and green beans. Homemade bone broths are rich in magnesium, calcium and other vital minerals, with the added bonus that the gelatin in the broth enhances mineral absorption. Herbs are another source of magnesium. Try chamomile, dandelion, peppermint or sage herbal tea; make a salad using fresh parsley, nettles and dandelion; and add fennel seed, fenugreek, paprika, parsley and cayenne when cooking.

Many high-magnesium foods are also a good source of calcium, especially spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens, green beans and sea vegetables. Other sources of calcium include dairy products, sardines, sesame seeds, broccoli and celery. The herbs basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, dill and peppermint are also good sources of calcium, as is cinnamon.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in eggs and fatty fish such as salmon ad mackerel (and cod liver oil), but your body can also make its own vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, though this is somewhat dependent on the season and your geographic location. It may improve seasonal anxiety and depression that worsen during the winter months. 

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Top 5 benefits of cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil Nutricare

Cod liver oil is a powerful nutritional supplement with many benefits for your health. It is an excellent source of important omega 3 fats and contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D that are so lacking in most modern diets.

Easy to take with lemon oil flavored liquid or capsules, cod liver oil is an inexpensive insurance policy against a variety of common health problems. Here are 8 of the top benefits of cod liver oil and important reasons for taking it daily.

1. Cod Liver Oil for Acne

Both the essential fatty acids and vitamins in cod liver oil can be beneficial in treating acne. Here’s how taking cod liver oil regularly can help prevent pimples and other skin complaints.

Vitamin A also helps strengthen your immune system so improving your intake with cod liver oil can provide further protection against the bacteria that promote acne.

2. Arthritis Prevention

There are many different forms, but arthritis is essentially another disease of inflammation. According to the arthritis foundation, more than 46 million Americans are currently living with arthritis.

Cod liver oil has been shown in studies to slow cartilage damage and reduce arthritic pain and joint stiffness for those with arthritis. Taking cod liver oil for arthritis may also reduce your risk of ever developing it in the first place.

The vitamin D in particular in cod liver oil is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis as low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with an increase in the progression of osteoarthritis.

3. Diabetes and Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil has been demonstrated in studies to improve glucose response and other markers of the disease in people with both insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Additionally, the preformed vitamin A in cod liver oil can help protect your eye’s retina from damage (something people with diabetes are more at risk of).

4. Reduced Osteoporosis Risk

The vitamin D in cod liver oil helps build bone density in adolescents to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone related problems later in life.

For those already living with osteoporosis, cod liver oil may help to rebuild bone density by increasing calcium absorption. Calcium is often not absorbed properly without adequate blood levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency, which is estimated to be very common in people over 50 in the USA, has often been associated with osteoporosis and the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine recommends doubling the RDA of Vitamin D for those over 50, and tripling it for those over 70.

5. Treat Depression

The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, like EPA in cod liver oil, may help treat the symptoms of depression. Studies have shown that a daily dose of at least 1 gram a day of EPA can reduce depression symptoms such as sadness, anxiety and problems sleeping.

Research also suggests that people suffering depression may have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their brain and this could be affecting the way it functions. Vitamin D can also be helpful here, particularly in winter, where it has been shown to reduce the symptoms of seasonal affected disorder.

Obviously, if you suffer from depression it is well worth seeking the advice of a knowledgeable health care professional. Prescription drugs aren’t the only option though. There are many beneficial nutrients out there that have helped people with depression.

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Healthy Pregnancy Mocktail

Image result for ginger mocktail

Summer is here and party season is upon us - and that's hard going when you're pregnant. The 'Ginger Slinger' is a party drink for your pregnancy diet that is non-alcoholic, alleviates nausea and makes you feel good. The perfect drink to celerate summer and a healthy pregnancy

Ginger is renowned for alleviating pregnancy heartburn and pregnancy nausea.  This sparkling drink not only tastes good, its refreshing and makes you feel good too.


  • 3 tsps of good quality ginger cordial
  • Juice of ½ orange freshly squeezed
  • Generous squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • Sparkling mineral water
  • Crushed ice
  • Sprig of mint and a slice of lime
Half fill a glass with ice cubes.

Pour over the ginger cordial, orange juice and squeeze of lime.

Top up with sparkling mineral water.

Decorate with a sprig of mint and the slice of lime

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